What is a live sale?

Instagram live sales

Live sales are held on Instagram. Mystika will hold a live video on Instagram @Mystika33 that anyone on instagram can join. In this live sale our team will be sharing with you many different products, and talking about them with you. Once we shows the price tag of these products, feel free to claim the item by writing the letter and number on the tag shown, followed by a word or emoji to claim. The first person that appears on our screen will get the product. (You may see your name first on your screen most of the time, but we need to go by the first name on our screen)

Once we identify who claimed the item correctly, we will announce it on the live, this item will immediately go into your box if you already have an open box or we will create one for you if you do not have one already.

An invoice will be created with your instagram handle.

You will see it at, under "Purchase your claims", it will have your Instagram user name.

You will pay for your items.

Your box will remain open until it is full or you send us a dm message on instagram to ship your items.

Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions about the live sale.

We look forward to seeing you there!

How does Instagram live sale shipping work?

Live Sale Shipping

Our shipping starts at $15.00 for a medium shipping box. This $15.00 covers as many products that can safely fit in that medium box. If your products do not fit in this box, then we will contact you to advice and we will upgrade you to a larger box, which costs $21.00. We will keep this box open until you request for the box to be shipped, or the box is full. The payment of the $15.00 will be charged on your first claims invoice, and if an upgrade to large box is necessary, then we will charge the additional $6.00 at that time.

We will explain this process on the live show as well. Feel free to ask any questions then.

How can I be part of Mystika's next live sale?

Participating in Mystika's live sale

Here are some simple steps on how you can participate in Mystika's live sales.

-Follow Mystika33 on Instagram

-Check Mystika33's bio to see when the next live sale will be

-Make sure you read the rules of the live sale on the highlights section

-Once the date and time of the live sale comes, join the live sale at that time BY CLICKING ON THE PROFILE CIRCLE

-Enjoy the items Mystika is showing, we will be giving a brief description of these items.

-Once the team reveals the price tag of the item you can claim it.

How do I claim an item in the live sale?

Claiming an Item

-You are able to claim once we reveal the price tag of the item you would like to claim.

-At this time, send a comment with an emoji or any word and the letters and numbers of that price tag. (We can not use the dollar sign $$$ because instagram may block the comment)

If price tag says A33, then if you want to claim it you comment "mine A33" to claim.

What is an open box?

Open Box

-Mystika gives you the opportunity to BUILD-A-BOX over time. An open box means that you have already payed for shipping, but there is still space for additional items to be added before shipment.

-Some of our customers want to have their boxes shipped out after every live show, while others prefer to leave it open to include claims from the future live show and can save money this way.

-You can request your box to be shipped at any time, otherwise we will keep it safely stored until it is full and we close it for shipment to you.

-Once a box is closed, a new BUILD-A-BOX will automatically be created for you.

How do I purchase my live sale claims?

Purchasing my claims

-Go to the Mystika's website

-Click on account icon to the right of Contact us

-Log into your account or create a new account

-Click on purchase your claims

-Look for your instagram user name, and click on it to select

-Add to cart

-Click check out

-Pay for your purchase