About us


Mystika was founded to aid in this divine journey we all share, helping to unlock what your soul aches for and achieve your spiritual healing goals.

Our metaphysical store is stocked with a large selection of healing crystals including tumbled stones, healing crystal jewelry and crystal-infused intention candles. Every good we stock is here to assist you in achieving your goals, working to enhance your spiritual journey and practice.

The concept behind Mystika was born from a desire to inspire others in being present, and to teach trust in our intuitive side.

Our healing crystals have an array of metaphysical properties that will assist you in many areas such as:






*matters of the heart


Simply help you to be grateful and celebrate life.

Our range of products will aid you to heal your spirit and bring loving changes into your life.

We also have many more magical things, such as singing bowls, tarot cards, smudging bundles, and incense that can all be used in sacred spiritual practice. Each of these items were lovingly and intuitively picked by our founder, Fernanda, who is truly passionate about helping you in your divine journey and bringing you the beautiful magic your soul deserves.

With the right intention and the sacred mystical tools we make available, we believe that beginners or experienced spiritual practitioners can benefit greatly and will bring a wealth of joy to your healing journey.

Mystika isn’t just a store, it’s a community.

Our unique spiritual offerings are loved by our loyal customers, who often return again and again for new, unique products. We focus on making available a large range of options for you, so that you can have all that you need to undertake your spiritual path.

We hope you can feel the genuine love and joy in all we do. At Mystika, we are committed to give our best to every one of the lives we touch.

You can find us locally in person at local Artisan Markets in California. We also do weekly live sales from our Instagram @mystika33. Check our instagram page for our weekly schedules.

Fernanda is the proud founder of Mystika, a mystical metaphysical store with a mission to empower your self-healing journey. Her journey started a lot like many of yours... Fernanda began feeling called to pursue her intuition and felt a great calling to crystals, even though she didn’t have a lot of knowledge about them.

This didn’t deter Fernanda, and she began investing time tuning into her intuition and learning how crystals could aid her spiritual growth. Fernanda noticed that she had a growing calling to share her knowledge with others. She was renowned for intuitively giving friends and family crystals that they needed as gifts without knowing what her friends were going through. Fernanda then moved into buying crystal chips to create intention candles. This is what started Mystika, as she began to source more crystals and spiritual healing objects following her intuition alone.

Fernanda loves the feeling that she gets from being surrounded by crystals and decided to share this love with others.

Mystika was born from a realization that we could use more genuine sources for spiritual healers and people in general that were looking to follow a spiritual healing path. Fernanda knew her own journey could resonate with many others, and decided to trust the Universe and the path that it was showing her. Now, Mystika is the go to metaphysical healing store at the outdoor markets and has many followers on Instagram. Fernanda empowers others to follow their instinct and embark on their spiritual healing journey every single day.

Renowned for her bubbly personality, Fernanda loves helping customers to grow their intuition and is passionate about helping others through reiki and sound healing sessions. It’s this authentically true love and care for others that has made Mystika the popular community it is today.
Mystika offers an authentic, genuine, affordable mystical healing shop experience. With a friendly customer service team always ready to aid you with any queries, we are renowned for having our customers continuously come back. Check us out and reach out if you have any questions.