Choosing the Right Crystals for You

Now that you have decided to start a crystal collection, where do you begin?  Firstly, you could check out our article on the Six Best Crystals for Beginners to give you a few ideas on the reasons you might have for choosing different crystals. Then ask yourself a few questions about your feelings and the situation you are in right now. Do you feel that you need more energy? More love? Some specific physical healing? How are you feeling mentally? What is your emotional state at the moment? 

As you can see from the number of questions above, working with crystals brings great potential and power into your life. To simplify things a little, take note of the crystals that attract you. This may be because of their appearance, their color and sparkle, or perhaps it is the texture and shape of a particular stone that draws you to it. 

Crystals have their own vibrational frequency, sometimes strong and sometimes quite gentle. When shopping for crystals try to remain open minded and relaxed so that you are open to the different vibrations that each crystal sends out. It is perfectly possible to do this remotely, but you will need to follow these suggestions if you are to have the best possible experience: 

  • Make sure that you will not be disturbed. Turn off phones, tell others that you are not available for the next hours or so, clear your space and sit comfortable with your device.
  • Before you begin, relax your body by tensing and then consciously relaxing each muscle group
  • Allow your shoulders to drop and your stomach muscles to slacken.
  • Breathe down in your lower belly, (lower dan tien in Tai Chi/Qigong)
  • Close your eyes and set your intention for finding the right crystal for you at this time.
  • Take your time when browsing through the stones, bookmark any that catch your attention and examine your feelings about these particular crystals.
  • The frequency of the vibration of the crystals may match something from your own energetic body and create an attraction.
  • Research the properties of the crystals you are drawn to, and if the benefits seem right to you, at this time, go ahead and buy them. 


When browsing crystal collections, you may be drawn to stones of a particular color, and find that your eye is drawn to blues and greens, or darker stones of red and black, or maybe it is green and yellow that you keep returning to. There is a reason for this, so make a note of the colors you are attracted to. 

Blues and Greens

Crystals in shades of blue are associated with the higher chakras of the Throat and Third Eye. This may mean that you are looking for insight, wisdom and guidance about the steps you need to take next. Or it may be that you are unhappy about the way people do not seem to listen to you, or to value your opinions. Stones such as Lapis Lazuli and Sodalite can be used on your Third Eye or Brow chakra to help you to access your innate psychic abilities and to form stronger connections with your spirit and angelic guides. 

If your Throat chakra needs attention, paler blue stones such as Blue Lace Agate or Celestite can help to unblock and clear this chakra of all the words you are holding back through fear of rejection, ridicule, or lack of self-esteem. 

Amazonite, Turquoise and Aquamarine often display beautiful combinations of greens and blues. They are all crystals of comfort, wisdom, and spirituality. If you like them, it may be that you are craving more and deeper connections with your own spiritual self and with the benevolent energies of the Divine. 

Reds and Oranges 

If you like vibrant shades of red or orange, such as Carnelian, Ruby and Sunstone, take a moment to see whether you are feeling secure in your physical world. These shades are aligned with the lower chakras, especially the Sacral chakra, which also governs creativity, enjoyment through the senses and feelings of personal empowerment. 

These colors in crystals are also associated with self-confidence. Carnelian is an excellent stone to wear or carry when you are engaged in public speaking and Ruby helps you to rediscover your passion for life. Orange colored stones are especially good for giving you an energy boost. 


Yellow Calcite, Yellow Topaz, Peridot (which can range from a fresh, spring green to a sunny yellow) and Citrine are all popular crystals for anyone looking for something to lift their spirits. 

These crystals emanate a joyful, positive vibration and bring warmth and vitality to the mind and body. 

Citrine is especially useful if you are experiencing feelings of emptiness or lack. Along with Yellow and Green Jade it is known as a stone of abundance and prosperity. 

Black and Brown 

Jet, Petrified Wood, Black Tourmaline and Black Obsidian are all powerful stones for protection and grounding. They are aligned with he Base or Root chakra and can help you to feel connected to the Earth and to your present reality in a positive way. When you are fully grounded you can weather most situations, upsets, or difficulties with equanimity. If you are attracted to these shades of crystals, you are probably feeling a little “cut off” from the world. 

Placing one of these stones in your pocket or meditating with them on your Base chakra can bring you back to balance and harmony with your surroundings. 

Feeling the Energy 

If you can, visit one of our markets and touch the stones. Enjoy the experience and take your time to explore the different feelings you get from a wide selection of crystals. You can always buy them online later if you do not want to commit to a purchase straight away. It is said that crystals choose us, and this can manifest itself in surprising ways. Some people report sensing a pull, or a push, from the stones, to the extent that their physical body is either attracted to, or pushed away from, a particular crystal.

The feelings you get from the crystals can be powerful or very subtle. The main thing to remember is to relax, keep an open mind, and do not be overly concerned about the cost of the stones. For example, if you really feel drawn to a prize specimen of Emerald, take a look at Peridot or Topaz for a much more affordable alternative. Diamonds are one of the most expensive crystals in the world, but Clear Quartz is one of the most common and affordable. Their properties are not identical of course, but both are associated with the Crown chakra, with the dispersing of negative energies and with purity of thought. 

Once you have made your choice, or choices, take care to cleanse your crystals by removing any surface debris from the stones and also by clearing them of the vibrations they have absorbed before coming to you. This is easily done if you have a piece of Amethyst or Selenite. Simply place your new stones next to these crystals and they will be ready to absorb your own signature vibrations. 



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